4 Top Tactics to Teach Children How to Play Guitar


When you have a child who shows interest in learning to play the guitar you want them to have this keeness rewarded with early success. I notice that children need more variation in their guitar lessons than adults. Adult guitar pupils motivate themselves and do not get bored easily. To teach children how to play guitar you will need a bit of guile and skill to keep them focussed. I use these 4 tactics to keep them interested.

Success on the first guitar lesson

They must have heard themselves play something good every lesson. When children have their first lesson you must simplify it and channel the lesson to enable them to produce something musical straight away. For a very slow or nervous learner I will play the chords in an arrangement and let the child strum.

Play guitar with your pupil

The second tactic is what I call modeling. Many teachers will not play during a lesson. They simply instruct the music pupil what to do and expect them to do it. I always teach with a guitar in m

y hand to demonstrate what I want. It also gives the pupil confidence in the music teacher's ability. There is the sense unspoken from the learner that they will play like that one day. It is a good motivator for a child learning to play any instrument.

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Get Inventive from lesson one

My third tactic is to get them to experiment with the guitar very early on. I usually teach the chord of D early on because it is quite simple and you can vary it by only fingering 2 out of the 3 strings or by moving the whole basic shape up and down the fret board. This is always homework for children learning the guitar and it is the first thing I expect to hear at the next lesson.

Use online guitar teaching resources to your advantage

My final tactic is to get your guitar learner online to search for videos and lessons online for them to look at and copy. All young people are so fluent and capable with computers that this will give them more guitar playing resources at no cost. They can also feed off your enthusiasm to find new ways of playing the guitar. There are so many superb online resources for teaching children the guitar. Try these ways to teach children how to play guitar and try to give them early success.

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