Review Of Begin Drumming Course

This is a drumming course I recommend to complete beginners. You can find out more on Jim's website >>> HERE

Learning how to play the drums is not something you can learn from a book. I don’t care what anybody says. This is a visual and audio discipline. Well, “Begin Drumming” is visual and audio in spades. There are over 4 hours of videos to watch and almost 200 audio files. There are also photos, excellent text, where text instruction is needed and sheet music to top it all off. And if that isn’t enough, Jim McCarthy also offers personal support for his product. Let me tell you something about him.

Begin Drumming Course

Jim is not just so schlock marketer. He is a professional drummer and has been teaching drums for over 20 years. Wait until you see him play on the videos. But the beauty of his unique way of teaching is that it is so easy to follow. Everything is step by step. Having said that, if you’re not a total beginner, you might find the first few lessons a little basic. That’s the only problem with a course like this. It has to account for all skill levels, meaning those who are just starting out. If you’re more advanced, you might want to skip ahead to the more advanced lessons.


Jim really focuses in technique, which is so important. In other words, you’re not going to find any shortcuts in this course. If you’re looking for a “learn how to play drums in 1 hour” kind of deal, then skip this product. It is the real deal for people who seriously want to learn to play drums but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on lessons. Trust me, with this course, you don’t have to.


At the very least check out the site below and see what he’s offering.

Here it is >>> Begin Drumming Course




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