Review Of Blues Lead Guitar

This course is not for a beginner. But if you are stuck on the first 3 frets and cannot play lead guitar then this will teach you. Blues lead guitar is an area of playing that every guitarist needs to know.Griff Hamlin

From the blues you can move on to many other types of lead guitar playing such as rock and heavy metal. The course shows you how to build up scales and arpeggios that will have you sounding like Robert Johnson in no time.

This is a comment from the courses author Griff Hamlin

"You are going to save time, money, and frustration . I live in the real world. I'm a full time musician and guitar teacher, but I'm also a husband and father. I can't find much time to practice, and I expect you can't either. My private lessons are tailored to 20 minute practice sessions. If you can find 20 minutes per day, even if it's 10 minutes twice per day, you will get through this with flying colors.

My students are amazed at how simple it can really be to play like Eric Clapton, SRV, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, and so many others. Even modern day rock guitarists from bands like AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, Kiss, The Black Crowes, and others use this approach to their leads.

I remember learning the secret as a teenager and never looking back. Once you've got it, it's yours for good!"

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