How To Play Bossa Nova Guitar Chords - Part Two

Bossa Nova Guitar Plucking

There is a method of plucking and damping the guitar strings that is used extensively. This involves you  plucking 4 strings and damping them to provide the rhythm. You can damp the strings early or late to add emphasis to the chord sequence. The thumb usually plucks one of the base strings and the three fingers pluck the top three strings. They are all plucked and damped in unison. Practice the plucking and damping without fingering a guitar chord. You can add chords once you have mastered the basic way to pluck the strings.


Using a Nylon String Guitar in Bossa Nova Music

You will find that nylon stringed guitars are used in bossa nova music to provide a softer feel to the backing chords. The mixture of the nylon strings with the plucking and damping described above will make your guitar playing sound authentically latin in feel. You can play with a steel string acoustic guitar but the feel of the sound is not quite the same.

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