How To Play Bossa Nova Guitar Chords - Part One

There are many different styles of guitar playing. They can be very distinctive and use special ways of playing. For example, flamenco guitar playing employs some very unusual finger strumming methods that are unique to flamenco guitar. Bossa nova music also has its special methods and techniques. This style of music is very much main stream now and latin music in general has structures that work in mainstream rock and pop songs.

Bossa Nova Guitar Chords

There is a whole family of guitar chords that are very much used in bossa nova music and they are called Major seventh chords. To start with a beginner should learn just three of these chords. These are C major seventh, F major seventh and A major seventh. The F and A versions are useful shapes all the way up the fretboard. When you strum them you can hear the signature sound of these chords. The extra note to makethe seventh chord is the 11th. For C major seven this means adding a B note to the C chord. This is acheived by simply dropping the finger on the B string. For the A chord you add a G# and for the F chord you add an E note. This type of chord is used in other styles of music but not to such a large degree as in Bossa Nova.

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