Damping Guitar Strings - Free Guitar Video

One of the ways you can control the feel of a song is by damping the strings. The method shown here uses a plucking style with string damping. What this demonstrates is a way of add a beat to your playing. It is quite an advanced technique and needs to be played accurately to sound right.

Using the damping technique

Before you play a chord shape with your left hand just practice getting the plucking and damping rhythm working. You can then add any chord you like with your left hand and start working through chord sequences to perfect it. As with many of the other exercises I recommend you should practice this until you can do it with your eyes closed.

Using the side of your hand to damp guitar strings

When you address the guitar your fingers should automatically position themselves as you see in the video. Note that the damping is done with the finger tips - not with the side of the hand. This is a second way of damping guitar strings but can sound forced when you are trying to learn guitar. Damping with the side of the hand works better with strumming styles rather than plucking styles.

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