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If you want anything free you find it on the internet. This is also true if you are looking for free guitar lessons for beginners. I have searched for guitar lessons online and have found some fantastic lessons for beginners. At first look the best place to look is you tube. There are many would guitar tutors who offer free lessons through a series of videos.

There are problems with these videos with picture and sound quality. With a close learning set up like the guitar the learning is in the detail. If try to look exactly what you are being taught with these free guitar lessons. So while these guitar courses look attractive they will not get you very far if you are serious.

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 There are other free guitar courses online that are internet versions of well known and established guitar tutor books. These are in my opinion much better than the youtube option because it is easier to repeat and review each lesson or learning point. Many of these book based sites do not make full use of the multimedia opportunities the internet has to offer.

Now to the best option for free guitar lessons for beginners online. This is a completely free course for complete beginners and includes audio, video and print out materials. Jamorama has been researched and planned with the internet in mind and it shows. There is a gentle set of starter guitar lessons that lead you to playing something musical very quickly. Of course the free course is really a try out for a much larger paying course. The full course continues with the same standard of teaching.

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