Guitar improvisation using the D chord - Part 3

To finish off this little set of improvisation videos, here is a way of playing around with the guitar chord shapes to improvise. Not every fret position will work with every chord shape but it is well worth learning the places on the fingerboard where a chord will have different versions.

The E chord is even better than the D chord because you can play all six strings. there are also many more usable version of the E chord shape that you can employ. Once you have mastered this third technique you can mix and match all three improvisation ideas to make your one chord of D more interesting.

Now think about all the posibilities that are available to you in a 3 chord song and you can see how you can improve your playing and come up with your own versions of songs.

Chord improvisation is used by many current pop and rock bands. just watch what they are doing with their left hand and you will see how they use all these methods

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