Guitar Lessons and Beginners

I am writing this at the end of 2008. This is a time of year when many new budding guitar players will have been given new guitars for christmas and are mad keen to start playing and learning the guitar immediately. Guitar lessons and beginners is a bit of a fraught subject because not all courses will suit you.

Think About What You Want To Play

You probably already know what type of music you want to play. So look for tutorial books or teachers that will teach you what want to learn. I once had a pupil who was desperate to learn how to play Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. It took us 20 weeks of lessons before we got to it. I never saw him again after that lesson. Important side note: NEVER ever play stairway to heaven on a guitar in a music. You will probably be thrown out or at least laughed at simply because so many try to play this song on a guitar. (Deep Purples Smoke in the water is another no no in music shops)

My point at the start of this paragraph was simply to say learn what you want to learn and then branch out. I am amazed that I moved on to classical guitar and rock guitar when all I wanted 35 years ago was to play guitar like James Taylor.

Start With Learning Chord Arrangements

Find some easy play versions of the songs you are interested in. If you are having lessons from a teacher then they will write out a few simple arrangements of songs you want to play.

Move as quickly as you can to the full song versions

You can start with the easy guitar versions of songs but you should try to find some songs where you are playing the full versions as soon as possible. The first skill you need to learn as a beginner is to change easily from one chord to the next. This needs to become an automatic thing that you can do without looking at your fingers and without thinking.

Guitar lessons And Practice

When you are having lessons you should practice at least 3 times a day for 5 minutes. Little and often practice will get you playing well within weeks. If you do not practice the guitar you are cheating yourself. If you have a guitar teacher they will know whether you have practiced or not.

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