Hammer On Guitar Strings

The techinique of hammer on with guitar strings will provide a quick and easy way to make you playing more interesting. The first chord shown on the guitar video below is the D major chord. This chord offers an easy way to hammer on on the top E string.

Hammer on chords

The second chords shown are the G and C chords. You can hammer on complete chords for a great effect. This particular chord change is well known and you will probably recognise it. Notice that I only hammer on a "short" two finger version of the chord because I am not plucking all the strings.

Other chords shapes that will be easy to hammer on are the Am shape and the E shape. these can be hammered on on top of a full bar. The Doobie Brothers use this technique in the riff on "Listen To The Music" and many of their other tracks. You need to work on getting strength into the fingers to allow you to hit the hammer on with good strength and pace. You can vary the timing and the speed to the music you are playing.

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