How often you should practice the guitar


When I am asked this question I always get the feeling that the guitar player asking it doesn't want to practice. It may of course just be for information but years of seeing guitar players not practicing between lessons has mad me suspicious and maybe a bit jaundiced. Anyway I do have a very clear idea of how and when you should play the guitar and practice.

Take the guitar out of the case and leave it out

I am amazed how many people keep their guitars in a guitar case. A guitar is merely a device for moving a guitar safely from one location to another. Once you have taken your guitar home it should be out of its case and in your living room ready to pick up and play. It should stand in front of the television. O.K. that last part is a joke but you really must have the guitar out of its case and ready to play. It should be in tune as well. Many new guitar owners are worried about scratching their new instrument and getting it worn in.

Pick up Your Guitar Everytime You Are In Your Living Room

The best guitar practice is always little and often. You should get into the practice of walking into your lounge and before switching the TV on picking up your guitar. You should not have your guitar hidden away in the study or any other room that you never go into. I still practice and play everyday after 38 years and when you learn the guitar you should play at least 3 times a day.

Have at least 5 guitar pieces you are working on

I do not agree with the guitar lessons that make you work and work on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. You need to have a range of guitar music and songs to practice at anyone time. If you have a song you are struggling with you will have plenty of other songs to play. You should also review older songs that you have mastered so that you have some sort of repertoire that you are building up.

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