How to play the guitar chord of A with big fingers



As you will see in this guitar video I have big fingers. This can be difficult when playing the chord of A and some others. What I do to overcome this problem is cover 2 strings with one fingers. This is frowned upon in the world of guitar teaching but for me it is a lot easier. So while all the guitar tutors are frowning I am playing my guitar.

You can also see how little movement I use to get from the A chord to the E chord and back. This is what I call my minimal movement principle. You should apply this technique to all your guitar playing. When you are learning guitar chords you should plan how your fingers move from the first chord to the second chord. What most beginners do is remove their left hand completely from the frets and then have to rush to find the next chord. By this time it is too late and the timing is lost.

For some chord changes on the guitar it can be useful to finger them differently so as to make the changes easier to perform.

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