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The first skill you need to learn for the right hand is strumming. Before you try out any plectrums or picks you should be able to strum the guitar strings with your thumb. The strings should all sound of even volume and be played in a constant stroke. You should be able to strum continously and in time as you can see and hear on the video.

Some chords on the guitar will not work over 6 strings

Some chords will not work as a six string chord and you will need to learn these ones. The most common chords that create a problem are D and B7. The standard D chord will only work on the 4 strings D,G,B & E. You will miss out the 2 bass strings. As a point of interest there are 6 string versions of the D chord but These are not easy to play for beginners. The B7 chord will work on 5 strings - just miss out the bass E string.

Strumming Guitar Practice Hints

Practice this strumming technique with you complete range of chords and try to ensure there are no string buzzes. You should also keep strumming smoothly even if your left hand is struggling to keep up with the chord changes. The discipline of strumming smoothly will train your left hand to speed up and change chords in time. You should alos learn to strum smoothly with out looking at the right hand. You have to train your right hand to know where it is in relation to the strings. Finally, you should strum over the sound hole. This will give the fullest tone. Some guitarists will alter the position of the strumming for certain effects but while you are learning to become familiar with the guitar you should play over the sound hole

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