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Have you ever seen one of those guys who can pick up a guitar and just start playing? They will play along with the radio or a cd and seem to follow it effortlessly. I hate to admit it but I am one of those guys. But is it possible to learn play guitar by ear?

I didn't have to learn to learn this skill as I came from a musical family and everyone can play or sing. So playing guitar by ear was easy for me. I would say that you need a certain level of musicality to be able to learn to play the guitar by ear. The 2 skills you need are quite basic but if you cannot do them then I wouldn't bother even trying.

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The first skill is to be able to find a note that you hear accurately. If you hear a favourite song on the radio and join in are you in tune with it or not. You may have to ask a friend whether you are in tune or not. The Second skill is to be able to keep to a beat. If you can tap your feet or clap to the beat of a song accurately then you can learn to play an instrument by ear.

So having established that you have these 2 skills you can go ahead and start learning. There is a brilliant online course that will teach you how to learn play guitar by ear and it is called Pure Pitch. The guys who have put this program together have done an amazing job of breaking the learning down so that you really do learn how to play guitar with no music. They use a mix of video and specialised designed software that makes the whole learning easy and great fun.

You can use teachers who specialise in teaching music by ear but this new online method is much more convenient for the home musician.

Just imagine being able to just play along with any music that you hear. I do it all the time.

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