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To learn electric guitar you do need to follow a set and organised book or course. The internet has become the major resource for guitar learning materials in the last 10 years. This is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

Using Youtube to learn electric guitar

I admit to looking up certain songs I want to play up on Youtube. If you are lucky then a guitar player will have put up a video showing how. The problem is of course you cannot see very well because the screen resolution is so poor on Youtube. This means you miss all the details and nuances that make up a piece of music. You end up with an average summary of the parts of the song without ever really nailing it. If you are an experienced guitar player then this is not a problem because you would add your own touch to any piece of music. A beginner will play the song wrong however and never really get the feel of the song right by using these videos.

Using downloadable chord charts

This is one step better than using the youtube videos because you will have the right chords on the print out. You still do not have any instructions on how play each chord. You also do not know what to emphasise and what to hold back on.

Using an online electric guitar course.

The beauty of an online electric guitar course is that you will have all the information you need to play the electric guitar correctly. Its always so embarrasing when a beginner decides to play you their new party piece only to find that the performance is littered with wrong notes and mistakes. By spending just a small amount of money and time they could have played the songs as it should have been played.

Online Guitar Course


easy acoustic guitar course Jamorama Guitar Course - My Top Recomendation for learning the electric guitar

This guitar course is full of great easy electric guitar songs for beginners. And because they are included as part of the course you get some good coaching on how to play them really well - Highly recommended

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