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Once you have mastered simple strumming on the guitar the nexr step is to learn plucking. You do not need long fingernails for this. I do not have them and it is me playing in the video.

Details of how to play this guitar plucking pattern

The Thumbs plucks one of the bass strings and the fingers each have a string each to pluck, It is important that all the fingers get practice at plucking the strings. Some people who are learning try to play all the strings with one finger. This might work for simple arrangements but will soon present difficulties when something more complicated is needed.

The pattern is a simple run down of 4 strings. Once with the thumb and then the top 3 strings with the three fingers. It is important that each string has the same volume and the same amount of time. You should count in your head an even 1,2,3,4 and play the strings completely in even time with your count.

Trying out your own variations for plucking patterns on the guitar

Once you have have mastered this arpeggio you can then progrees to a second pattern. The first one can be written as T,1,2,3. An 8 count embelishment would be T,1,2,3,3,2,1,T over a count of 8. You can make up your own patterns - Just make sure you count evenly and use all the fingers.

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