Should you use an electronic guitar tuner or not?

This is one of those questions that is so obvious that I wonder at people who even ask about it. Guitar tuners solve so many problems for the guitarist who is learning guitar that it should be standard issue with any beginners guitar. You do still need to learn to tune guitar without a tuner but you can do this later on once you have become familiar with the instrument and know your way around. Asking a beginner to tune a guitar is like asking me to calibrate a Van der graf generator.

The Benefit Of A Guitar Tuner

korg TM40 TunerThe main benefit of using an electronic tuner is that you can spend your time playing your guitar instead of worrying about whether it is in tune or not. Make sure you buy a tuner that has string recognition and a good sensitivity and you will be playing in tune. There are tuners that have every note in the scale on them but these are far too over the top for guitar players. You have the six strings EADGBE to tune and that is all you need.

Using a Guitar Tuner On Stage

If you think you will be playing through PS systems then you also need a line out cut out button or foot switch so that you can use the tuner without the signal going out from your tuner. I also prefer the tuners that have LED lights because you can tune in the dark with them If they use a metre you cannot see these in the dark.

Built in Microphone

For classical and acoustic guitars that do not have an on board pickup you need to have a Micrphone on the tuner to pick up the sound of the guitar strings. This offline tuning will not be as accurate as using a lead directly but is still much better the relying on your untrained ear to know if your guitar is in tune or not.

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