The Easy Way To Learn Guitar Chords


There are so many different guitar chords you can learn that as a beginner it can be very confusing. The easy way to learn guitar chords is by choosing sets of chords that go together. If you are new to music what this means is that all the chords can be grouped into Keys That mean they will always work together well.

What Are The Easiest Chords To Play On The Guitar?

The easiest set of 3 chords for you to learn as a complete beginner are A, E and D. These are all chords that work together in the key of A major. The reason I always start with these chords is that the fingers remain close to each other and there is little movement from one chord to the next. So you can very quickly have a chord sequence going.

Can I Add More Chords To These?

The next chords I recomend are the minor chords Am, Em, and Dm. Again these will all fit in with the first set and you can start experimenting with the order you play them in. You can find the fingerings for these chords by downloading my online guitar chord chart.

The Next Key To Play.

After the key of A you should learn the main chords in the key of G. They are G, C and D. You will also find arrangements where the chord of A will fit in with these chords. There is a classic chord sequence that is used in many songs that uses the chords G, A, C and back to G. George Harrison used it in "Isn't It A Pity". The chords of G and C are a bit more of a stretch but they are very inportant ones to learn early. There is a video showing how they should be played on one of the guitar video pages.

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