Guitar Playing Video - Using a Single bass note with 3 chords

This video shows how to play a constant D bass note over the chords of D, C & G. I am plucking the guitar strings with my right hand and only playing the 4 strings demonstrated on the video. The D shape is the standard chord shape. For the C chord you only need to fret the B string as the D string is left for the open D note. The G chord is played in ful on the video. This is not needed but I did it out of habit. In fact you could play the G chord with no fretting in this case and it would work.

Most of the work in making this guitar riff sound good is in the right hand technique. I use a plucking and damping style on this video. there is a Guitar playing video on the subject of plucking and damping style on this page if you would like to see what the right hand is doing.

This way of using a constant bass note while you play a range of chords is a classic method for songwriters to make their arrangements sound more interesting. in fact many a song has been written on the back of finding an interesting mix of chords to play over a constant bass note.

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