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  • You need a special approach to teach children how to play the guitar. Here are 4 top tactics to ensure early success

  • A list of guitar Articles related to how to play guitar.

  • Learn to play drums. Begin drumming is a top online drumming course for complete beginners

  • How to use beginners basic blues guitar lessons to improve your playing overall

  • Play blues lead guitar like a pro. Online blues guitar lessons and riffs to make you play like the best.

  • An Essential part of playing bossa nova style music is the way you pluck and damp the strings

  • There are certain chords and playing methods that lend themselves to playing bossa nova guitar chords. Here are the 3 easiest latin guitar chords

  • This is a way to change from the C chord to the G chord with hardly any movement for your left hand.

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  • One of the most interesting and useful guitar techniques is string damping. You can use it to add a beat to your playing

  • Here is a list of artisrs that write great easy acoustic guitar songs that are simple to play but sound great to the ear from day one

  • How to use the free online guitar lessons to your best advantage

  • Here are my guitar capo instructions for beginners. I am not keen on the use of a capo but sometimes they are needed to change the range of the vocal part.

  • In the final guitar video of the set I show how you can push the D chord shape up the guitar fingerboard to find new sounds and versions of chords

  • What is the best way to start guitar lessons for beginners. Here are my hints and tips to start in the right way.

  • A review of the Guitar Superstars online guitar course. Online guitar lessons for the beginner and more established guitarist

  • Guitar Thumb Strumming is the most basic of skills for the begiiner guitar player. When you have learnt this basic strum pattern then you will find other more complicated patterns much easier to play.

  • This is a page with guitar videos I have recorded that give short hints and tips on how to plahy the guitar.

  • Hammer on is a great wat to add colour to your playing. You can hammer on single notes or even complete chords

  • The main guitar course reviews

  • When you are learning the guitar you need to practice. It is unavoidable and if done in the right way will be an enjoyable part of the process

  • When you have large fingers like me you have to adjust the way you play and finger the chords to let you play fast and easily

  • In the second guitar video of this set I show how removing a finger of the chord can be used to add to your playing and make it more interesting

  • Here is a way to add to the chord of D and make it more interesting.

  • Strumming is the most basic right hand playing technique. Here I show you how to strum your guitar evenly and correctly.

  • How to use online guitar lessons to play guitar by ear

  • Why should you invest in proper online electric guitar lessons. Sure there are plenty of free resources online but they only bring you limited help.

  • Online guitar lessons have changed the way begginers learn to play the guitar. The old stuffy music lesson has been replaced by guitar videos and a huge range of music to choose from

  • Here is a quick and easy guitar tuner for you to tune up your 6 string guitar. Keep this guitar tuner page handy.

  • Here is the simplest of plucking techniques for you to try out. You can play any combination of chords over this plucking pattern.

  • Here is a chord chart for you to print out and refer to. It is small enough to fit onto one sheet of paper so that you can refer to it easily when you need to.

  • A round up of guitar playing websites and products for the amatuer guitarist. Some are commercail others are just pure interest for the home guitar player

  • Some people think that it is cheating in some way to use an electronic tuner but Here I explain the huge benefits of guitar tuners for beginners

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  • The Best Way To Learn Rock Guitar is by picking the right beginners guitar and a decent amplifier and effects unit

  • Here are the easiest chords to learn to play on the guitar. You should try and give yourself some early success by choosing a few easy chords to start with

  • One thing you need to master early on when playing the guitar is smooth chord changes.

  • A Demonstration guitar playing video showing how you can use a single bass note over a set of chords.


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